Personal Description

Aliases: seb, Squear
Age: 0x0024
Operations: DJ, Producer, Software Engineer, Diver, Owner of a Senegal Parot
Residence: Berlin
Career: First contact to electronic music in 1994, DJ since 1996, Producer since 1998
Gigs: Ilmenau, Suhl, im Wald, Erfurt, Eisfeld, Schleusingen, Römhild, SMS, Family-Meetings, Allstedt, VeilsDorf, Calbe, Halberstadt, Leipzig, Blaumachen, Zwickau
Style: Dub, Drum'n'Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, Neurofunk, Breakbeats, Techno, Brightonsound, experimental
Breakcore, maybe Industrial und raggacore
Current favourite labels: Critical Music, Exit Records, R&S, Ninja Tune, Planet Mu, Rag`N`Bone, Nocturnal state, Mullet, Kellermusik, Fix, SMB, Expressillon, Ad NoiseAm, Subhead, .Com, Detroit Underground
Warning: I don't play for an audience of Proll-Ravers und house people. Meeting them results mostly into absurd discussions and conflicts;) Maximal instead of minimal.

Planed operations



neuhaus13 Sampler 2002 Neuhaus13, CD 2003
neuhaus13 Sampler 2003 neuhaus13, CD 2004
Disordered2006 Compilaton unruhigenaechte, CD 2006
Melanie Flug, Squear - The hidden hum kugK018, CD 2006
v.a. black hole volume 1 Minor 022, CD 2009
Créme de la KUGK compilation kugK, 3CD mp3 2012
Squear - Evolution kugK, mp3 2012
Squear - Strategies Against Thought Reform kugK, mp3 2014

Sound examples

Usage of others stuff(For promotion only!!!)

Mixset 19.12.2008, Squear - Reality is stupid Breakcore, DnB, Raggacore, Hardcore

Last Productions (11-2014)